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“Making it through the PhD program at Stanford was as challenging as it gets, but the last six months have been a major relief through the help I got with GradSchoolGenius. Juggling my first career internship while doing research in Psychology would have been impossible without them. The fact that my Counselor-Writer was able to understand all the instructions made all the difference.”

John M.


“I didn't expect to find the kind of technical writing help and personal help that I got at GradSchoolGenius. Molecular Biology isn't exactly the easiest doctoral program, but their writer-editor really knew her stuff. So glad I took the chance and got the help I needed to make sense of all my lab data.”

Denise R.


“GradSchoolGenius was amazing, simply because they provide such great customer assistance. I had spent a lot of money on another online "service" that only failed in every regard. But when I talked to the GradSchoolGenius’ Counselor-Writer assigned to my dissertation (International Relations), my life really calmed down...and my research was on auto-pilot.”

Heather T.


“I'd delayed even starting my Master's thesis for a full year, simply because it was so intimidating. When I heard about GradSchoolGenius, I was cautious, particularly about the right kind of research. But I didn't need to worry, because my Counselor-Writer really came to the rescue, delivered on time, on budget, and I got my Master's. Yay!”

Stephanie C.


“While studying abroad in the U.S., I worked very hard on my English composition abilities. But I knew my writing was not on the same level as other graduate students, so I reached out to find help. When I took a chance with GradSchoolGenius, I realized that they would help me get through my thesis with very little stress. I recommend their services highly.”

Abhiraj O.


“Working toward my MBA in Economics was pretty straightforward...until it came time for me to put together the original research required for a meaningful thesis. The folks at GradSchoolGenius didn't have any problems in coming up with focused research data and some great writing!”

Daniel B.


“Life is good after getting my MBA thesis approved by the committee. All I can say is "thanks to GradSchoolGenius" and their VERY helpful, courteous team.”

Ifueko A.



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