GradSchoolGenius Consultant-Writers have helped thousands of PhD candidates with their dissertation writing. We have a thorough and detailed process of "collaborative consultation" as the writers work in ‘collaboration’ with you to write a high-quality dissertation.

Your dissertation objectives and the expectations of your Dissertation Committee are the guiding principles of our dissertation writing services as we make sure that no detail is left unattended.

We have deep expertise in writing several kinds of dissertations. Our writers have knowledge about the different dissertation requirements at major universities throughout the world and online.

What sets us apart from other online services is the flexibility and personalized approach of our Consultant-Writers.

Our dissertation process guarantees you the finest level of research and writing, delivered before the set deadline and within your budget.


Your personal Consultant-Writer will review your Dissertation Proposal and assess any data or materials you have collected to this point. None of your work will be wasted but will be used in your dissertation. If you have not yet formulated your proposal or chosen your research topic, your Consultant-Writer will help you do it in time. A well-crafted proposal is a key to the ultimate success of your dissertation.


No data at this point? Our professional dissertation writers know how to create a clear dissertation outline, and collect the data according to it. Your personal Consultant-Writer will develop the ideal analytical methods, sample sizes, experimental designs, and data collection plans for your dissertation. Whether your data collection process (surveys, experimentation, research) is performed by you or by your Consultant-Writer, the Methods Section of your dissertation will be written and fully formatted for submission before moving forward. The dissertation committee’s feedback will be fully incorporated, regardless of the number of revisions.


With research data in hand, your Consultant-Writer will analyze it through statistical software in case the dissertation calls for qualitative methodologies. You'll receive a Draft of data outputs in a range of easily-read formats, complete with full analysis and well-designed charts, figures, tables, and appendices. Your project findings will be supported by compelling and proven data that could be understood easily by the dissertation committee.


Once the required data is acquired and analyzed, your dedicated Consultant-Writer will prepare your dissertation’s literature review. Literature review is an important part of a dissertation and your custom PhD thesis will include well-researched and relevant research material. We have access to credible online databases and all of our dissertation writers know how to use them to research the required data. 'Connecting the dots' between prior seminal research and more contemporary findings lends organizational flow and facilitates contextual analysis to the writing.


Presenting dissertation research in the framework of a theoretical, social, or economic paradigm brings findings and data into contemporary perspective. It can easily be one of the more challenging elements of your project. Structuring the hypothesis, the data, findings, and recommendations is a task that requires clear thinking, cogent analysis, and concise writing. Many dissertations fail in this area, many of them fall prey to over-writing and other dangers and lose the essence of the research, making method, design, hypothesis, and findings unclear to the reader.

Accuracy is one of the defining qualities of our thesis writing service and we make sure that all of our writers conform to it.


Once all the other elements are in place, the true skills of your Consultant-Writer become apparent. Working with a firm deadline, your Consultant-Writer focuses only on your project until you have a complete final draft ready for submission in hand. The composition and crafting of your dissertation will be done with 100% grammatical and structural accuracy, and the finished product will be ready for publication in a wide range of academic forums. You'll have ample opportunity to read, review, and suggest edits via phone, or you can also email our customer support team who will contact your writer, whose work is never done until you are completely satisfied.

Once your Dissertation is in complete draft form, our ‘write my thesis’ service provides professional editing at an additional, but very reasonable, fee. This will assure strict compliance with required formatting guidelines, as well as the complete accuracy of all citations.

In this, the final stage of your work, your Consultant-Writer will respond to any notes, comments, corrections, edits, or elaborations required. This would include any necessary expansion of the Literature Review, clarification of methodologies, refinement or organization of data, and complete preparation for your Dissertation Defense.

Your Consultant-Writer's job is only done when you are completely satisfied with the work of GradSchoolGenius.


Collaborative Consultants for Customized capstone Project, Dissertations, & Thesis Writing.

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