What is a Ph.D. Thesis?

A Ph.D. thesis is an original piece of research done by doctoral program students. It is different from a research paper and since it is a part of a doctorate degree, the students need to incorporate original research into it.

Generally speaking, these theses should be peer-reviewed by experts and faculty members. It should contain everything related to the main subject matter like data collection methods and acquired results.

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What is the Purpose of a Thesis in Ph.D.?

The main purpose of a thesis research project in any degree is to show the supervisors what you know about your field of study as well as the topic that you have chosen for your thesis. It is used to explain the findings and conclusions of the research.

It is an important part of the degree and the universities award the degree on its basis. Therefore, it is important that you do your best to complete it on time and add credible and high-quality sources only.

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Usually, a Ph.D. thesis is 100 pages or more and every graduate school in the United Kingdom or other countries has different requirements and required number of pages.

What is a Good Ph.D. Thesis?

A good Ph.D. thesis is one that has many credible sources and references. It must be original and it MUST offer a new horizon and viewpoint for the topic it has worked on.

It should demonstrate the student’s understanding of the topic.

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What is Included in a Ph.D. Thesis?

Here are the elements of a good Ph.D. thesis.

  • Acknowledgments - In this section, the student acknowledges the people that have helped him in doing the work. Usually, the students thank their parents, teachers, and research supervisors.
  • Research Proposal - Sometimes the teachers tell the students not to add it into the thesis but many times, it is a part of the work. It is submitted before the complete thesis and it explains the significance and importance of the work.
  • Abstract - This is where the student tells the readers about the main thesis topic and the things that are discussed and explained in the thesis.
  • Literature Review - This chapter reviews relevant and credible past studies that have researched the same topic. It is a lengthy chapter and includes multiple sources and research.
  • Introduction - This section introduces the main research topic to the readers but it does it briefly. It introduces the main research context and its aim.
  • Main Body - It is the lengthiest part of the work. It includes the chapters of the research and each chapter is about different parts of the research. The number of chapters varies.
  • Conclusion - The conclusion is the last part of the research and it wraps up the research.
  • References - It includes all the works that are included in the research in the form of citations.
  • Bibliography - This list includes all the works that are included and studies for the research. This also includes those works also that are not used in the form of citations.
  • Appendices - It is a list of difficult words and phrases. It also includes the details that could not be added in the body of the research either because it is way too detailed or does not relate directly to the main research topic.

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