Should I Use a Free Thesis Writer for My Thesis?

‘Should I use a free thesis writer for my master's thesis?’

No, working with a free thesis writer is nothing more than a risk. Remember, no expert and responsible writer or writing company will write your or anyone’s thesis for free. It is because writing a quality thesis requires time and effort, and no expert will likely do it for free.

Therefore, if someone claims that he will write your thesis for free then chances are he is a fraud and is here to steal your money and personal details. Such services and writers sell your personal details to third parties who could use them for ulterior motives.

Staying away from them is the only way of keeping yourself safe.

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Can You Pay Someone to Write Your Thesis?

Yes, you can definitely pay someone to write your thesis for you. But make sure that ‘someone’ is an expert writer and not someone who offers to write your thesis for free or at an overly cheap rate. There is no such thing as ‘free’ academic writing.

Such writers are frauds and services and companies that hire them are not genuine and responsible. Their aim is to collect the personal details of the students and either sell them to third parties or blackmail the students afterward.

Besides, here are some other risks associated with working with a free thesis writer.

  • It is illegal to work with them because they sell old theses and papers.
  • They are frauds and by giving copied work, they risk your grades and reputations.
  • You will be caught because your thesis will be plagiarised, in some cases, even 100% plagiarized.
  • If written from scratch, the quality will be poor and your teacher may reject it.
  • A thesis stays forever, which means if you are caught with a plagiarized or poor-quality thesis, it will also stay forever.

Due to these risks, it is better that you pay an expert to write your thesis for you. We have subject specialists and expert thesis writers for your help, and they are here 24/7. We can write your thesis for cheap but it will not be cheap in quality.

Is it Illegal to Have Someone Write Your Thesis?

No, it is not illegal if you have an expert writer to write your thesis for you. As we have explained earlier, working with a free essay writer is NOT legal because such writers do not provide quality and unique work.

They are usually frauds and all they do is scam innocent students.

But, this does not mean that all the writers and writing services available online are like that. There are many that provide quality work and GradSchoolGenius is one of them.

We have professional writers and we make sure that you get help from an expert only. So, it is 100% legal to get help from an expert thesis writer like us.

Is Using a Thesis Writing Service Cheating?

No, if you have used a professional and expert writer or writing service then no, it is not cheating. It is otherwise actually. By getting help from an expert, you are making sure that you submit a high-quality thesis on time.

Professional and reliable thesis and dissertation writing services like ours may be hard to find but it is definitely not impossible. We have a responsive customer support team.

From your thesis statement to the entire thesis, our writers make sure that it is 100% plagiarism-free and 100% original. Moreover, our company offers unlimited and free revisions also.