What is a Master's Thesis?

The main purpose of a masters thesis is to show that the candidate can work scholarly and be familiar with major issues and published research on the topic. A good thesis is well-researched, demonstrates rigorous critical thinking and analysis. It provides a detailed methodology and accurate results and includes extensive verification of knowledge claims.

It makes a unique contribution to the field of legal scholarship. Therefore, the word of the thesis should be between 20,000 and 25,000 long and not exceed 35,000 words.

Your thesis statement should enable you to:

  • Assist in putting your idea or statement on paper.
  • Organize and expand on your argument.
  • Make a road map for the reader to follow.

After completing their thesis, students must defend their work in front of a panel of two or more department faculty members.

A thesis is an important part of every master’s and doctoral graduate program.

Steps to Write a Successful Master’s Thesis

A brief guide below represents steps to write a successful thesis for graduate schools.

  1. 1. Make a Strong and Engaging Introduction
  2. The introduction to your research paper should be strong and engaging. It informs the readers about new information. It should include the three key points listed below.

  • The history of the topic or theme you chose for your thesis.
  • Thesis statement deliberation
  • Outline your thesis.
  • 2. Include a Literature Review
  • You must include a literature review in your master thesis. Essentially, it is a survey of information gathered from various sources, such as academic journals, books, articles, newspapers, etc.

    This section provides a summary of key concepts, facts, and relevant information about the topic.

    You can use direct quotations from the scholarly sources from which you gathered the information for your research.

  • 3. Analyze Your Work
  • After reviewing the literature, explain how your thesis adds to the knowledge already available in scholarly sources.

  • 4. Create a Body Paragraph
  • Using the topic you've chosen, you can finish the main part of your thesis. In this section, mention the following things:

    • Tell the readers about the topic
    • How you gather the information
    • How reliable the information is
  • 5. Finish with a Strong Conclusion
  • After writing a body, the conclusion part comes at the end of the thesis. Many graduate students do not understand how to write a master’s thesis conclusion properly. First and foremost, it should be powerful.

    The main goal of the conclusion is to summarize the significance of your research topic. In addition, it must show how your thesis has made a significant original research contribution.

    The conclusion should be engaging and include a list of references for future research on the topic.

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